Premiere at Llobregat Delta

29 12 2011

The first entry of that new blog would be like the others: my purpose is just to write a diary of birding and beyond. Let’s start with a good day at Llobregat Delta marshes.

The first interesting sightings were 3 Jack snipes in the Riera de Sant Climent, between Viladecans train station and the entry of the Remolar – Filipinas Natural Reserve. In La Vidala lagoon, a good diversity of pochards. First of all a female Common pochard with a nasal saddle. I’ve written to some ringers to know its origin…

Then, a female Ferruginous duck that can be seen anywhere in la Vidala.

And finally, some Tufted ducks of differents ages. Here, two 2nd calendar year males:

From the hides, the typical staff: teal, mallard, shoveler, gadwall, pintail and a single Common crane that deserves an entry…




2 responses

7 07 2012
Stephen Reader

¡Ola!, Marcel,
A beautifully poetic-scientific site, inspiring (to my own approach, which is artistic+affinity but no serious birding and no biology or zoology in my schooling. Out-of-focus observations of a family of kestrels in a back yard was my latest try. Found your site while searching for a Madeira tree/ identification by leaf). Poetry at the interface/as an élément trouvé is a subcurrent. How long have you waited for shots like these? I am seriously envious. / Kind regards

7 07 2012
Marcel Gil Velasco

Many thanks for your comment Stephen! One of my purposes was to interest also to people like you (not only birders!) so your comment makes me feel proud. And I don’t wait too much to take the pictures, my strategy consists in being as many time as possible out in the field.

If you find something in my blog which is not good enough, please tell me and let’s make it better. That is also the function of the comments. Thank you again!

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