Already at home – First impressions

15 02 2012

I will be in Tenerife for 5 months. I landed on sunday and yesterday was the day to find my new local patches. The ponds around Tejina and Punta del Hidalgo are my elections. The first is a historycal place to find nearctic wildfolw and the other is a cape placed in the north of the island, good for a bit of seawatch. Both places are easyly reached by bus (here guagua), just 20 minutes from my new home at San Cristóbal de la Laguna.

My first visit was encouraging! There was nothing of interest in the ponds (only a spoonbill and some common sandpipers)  but the area was plenty of Canary islands chiffchaff, Spanish sparrows, Berthelot’s pipit and Canary serin. However, the best was a little swift above the village of Tejina, a rarity in the islands and also in mainland Spain.Moreover, 1 hour seawatching from Punta del Hidalgo produced 2 kittiwakes, 1 manx shearwater and 5 Cory’s. There were also some whimbrels and turnstones feeding in the rocks. If you are interested in marine invertebrates, it’s worth to visit that place in low tide, when it’s east to find gellyfishes, sea stars and things like that trapped in the rocks, waiting for the high tide. Yesterday, there were quite a lot stunning Portuguese man o’War (Physalia physalis).It was a good start, the spring promises to be amazing





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