Spring migration takes off

26 02 2012

It seemed it would be just another unsuccessful day checking Tejina ponds, looking for a duck coming from the other side of the pond. In the first one, there was a greenshank, the typical coot, some common sandpipers and a little egret. Looking carefully at the chiffchaffs, I found a single common chiffchaff disguised between the hundreds of canariensis. Till now, everything was the expected for a typical winter day in that area, but then a flock of 6 purple heron flew over, clearly in a migratory way. They attempted to land in a nearby reedbed but either the place was too small or there were too many people walking their dogs. Later on, a common snipe flushed from the grass. It’s a scarce bird here, so maybe I should be happier than I actually was.

In the remaining pond, the only Night herons of the island were cutely sleeping. There were at least 7 of them, but only 2 adults were noted.




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