Another day at Los Rodeos

8 03 2012

Nice to see the short-eared owls again! There was still at least one in the typical area. The only surprise was to see a long-eared owl instead of the short-eared one expected when I spotted an owl sat on a post. The canariensis race is extremely dark. Note dark facial disk and grey scapulars and wing feathers. No sign of brown anywhere.

It seemed too early for them… They should take care about the local kestrels!


Moreover, a lonely white wagtail showing some black feathers in the mantle and also a dark rump. Maybe not enough…


Also close views of the Barbary partridges.


I hope I would report a spotted crake in my next post…




One response

15 03 2012

Hey! Siempre me ha apasionado todo bichito viviente que vuele, y tu blog me encanta, no sólo por la documentación e imágenes, sino porque me permitirá conocer las especies que tengo cerca y sus nombres en inglés, espero que sigas haciendo cosillas, un día tengo que enserñarte un lugar de la laguna donde vas a disfrutar mucho 😉

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