The typical story

9 03 2012

The typical story. It’s 8th march, for sure the best season. You’ve been bored at home, watching some Sora videos in youtube. Suddenly you get excited and decide to go to the best place of the island to find a crake. You walk as fast as your legs allowdes you to do so. You reach the chanel. Good! The area is quite enough, people is still working or doing whatever common people is supposed to do. You first see a grey wagtail, a moorhen, another moorhen, a couple of grey wagtails pursuing the third grey wagtail, another moorhen, 2, three of them! Wow, things are going perfect… The crake must be behind the next curve… You can hear yout heart, it’s near to explote. Calm yourself Marcel, you are in the right way, just stop for a minute and put the correct ISO in your camera: the black face would not be appreciated in a dark picture… ok, done! Then, you realise you are already in the place the crake is supposed to be and there is nothing but a serin. It’s nice, that’s a scarce species in the island, but not the crake you expected. You’ve put the correct ISO, so let’s take some pictures.

A noisy motorbike wakes up yourself and suddenly you feel sad, time to go home having seen almost nothing. Fiveteen minutes later, already at the sofa, wathing the same Sora videos again, you think probably there was a crake in the channel, hidden in the reedbeds… No! Definetely, there was not a crake today, but you are sure it will arrive tonight. Yeah, tomorrow it’s gonna be a wonderful day…




2 responses

18 03 2012
Javier Train

Una entrada cojonuda Marcel¡jeje. Yo por fin he visto Porzana porzana, encontramos una el 29 de Febrero en el estany d´Ivars con Jose Guerra. Se suponia la más facil de las 3 y es la última que he visto…..

Javier Train

19 03 2012
Marcel Gil Velasco

Supongo que es la “más fácil” porque puede aparecer en más sitios, pero yo creo que es más tímida que las otras. Estos días hemos visto 2 por aquí, y es muy posible que haya varias más. Un saludooo!

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