The change

11 03 2012

Nice day at the ponds. A bit of seawatching at Punta del Hidalgo to take off: an adult Audouin’s gull (rare in the Canaries), about 100 Cory’s seharwaters and 1 gannet. Plenty of turnstones feeding in the rocks together with some common sandpipers and 3 whimbrels. I still miss a Barolo’s…

Later in the afternoon, during the typical tour-of-the-ponds at Tejina, I felt maybe the most noticeable change since I’m there, of course due to migration.

In the first pond, sleapy herons and egrets started to congregate around, while night herons were waking up. I had not seen catle egrets yet, and the roost was plenty of them. Where do they pass the day? The only surprise here apart from the catle egrets was a purple heron that flew over, in that case closer to us. It landed around another pond, but it was not here when we went there. Instead of the heron, there were my firsts little ringed plovers of the year. In the last pond, the 3 wintering spoonbills, one of them ringed in Germany, a greenshank and 3 coots. The last day there was only one.


Encouraged by that new arrivals, we went to Valle Molina. The pond is almost dry and looks good for waders. There was a dunlin, a ringed plover (both my first), 3 little ringed plovers and the typical flock of grey herons. It’s nice to see all that birds from the car…




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