11 03 2012

I thought about that post while I was going up the Teide. I could say it’s a story about overcoming, a fight with yourself to not leave your purpose. I could say all that things, but everybody has already heard them all and we are not in a TV show, so let’s say what I really felt.

I started cheerful, the landscape was so exotic and there where lots of places to take pictures. Odd plants, odd rocks and a huge area visible from where we were, including the famous sea of clouds. The first birds I saw where 2 Northern wheatears that must be migrants. They where more or less at 2900 metres above the sea. Then, a few metres up, an extremely aproachable couple of Berthelot’s pipit where eating moths. And that’s all.

In the last 800, there are no fucking birds. Actually, there is not any kind of wildlife, just the Teide violet (Viola cheiranthifolia), which is not flowered and seems just a crappy grass in this dry year. You just get tired to see a nice sunset but not enough, in my opinion, to such a hard effort. I can remember some other sunsets here in the Canaries that impressed me more, maybe because I was not as tired as I was on yesterday.




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