Going south, of course

13 03 2012

“I like to walk southwards, it’s like go down”Barbol, The Lord of the Rings

My first expedition to the south of the island has been quite profitable. The migration was noticeable almost everywhere. In our first stop at Las Galletas harbour, we saw a little stint and 3 little ringed plovers in the gravel, while my first common tern of the year was in the harbour, just in the other side of the road. The fields that surround that area are plenty of koenigi Southern great grey shrike and they are already showing some breeding activity. 

The next pond we checked was close to Armeñime. It was extremely nice to relocate the drake green-winged teal seen a month ago but not relococated the last week. There were also a drake gadwall and a strange common sandpiper that deserves a full entry. In the vegetation around the pond, at least 4 willow warblers among the typical canariensis crowd. A house martin flew over.

The last pond we saw is called “Charca del Pinque”. There was a Black-tailed godwit, some little ringed plovers and a snipe showing a dark underwing that probably belongs to faeroensis.

A nice sunset (that’s a nice one!) to sign off the show, while hearing some great spotted woodpeckers and a blue finch flew over…




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