March day at Llobregat Del… sorry, at Tejina ponds

15 03 2012

“Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)

This is what I wanna be

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)

Why the hell it means so much to me”

                                         – KT Tunstall

As soon as I reached the first pond at Tejina, I flushed a green warbler (of course a green warbler and not a Green warbler). “Oh, a willow warbler, nice”. It hid in the reedbeds for a while, just before starting to sing as a typical Iberian chiffchaff. I was taking the “security pictures” before approaching the bird when my camera alerted me to the low battery. That’s the best I could take.

A few minutes later, I found the next pond in the perfect water level to house a crake. The first bird I saw there was a handsome male bluethroat showing a perfect breeding plumage. That was the first time I remembered my 2nd battery pack that I had let at home. The second bird I saw was a spotted crake, feeding on water plants, 3 metres far from the reedbeds. This time, instead of only imagine the battery on my bedside table, I pull my hair out and started to take pictures with my mobile phone. For those who have not a BlackBerry and want to get one, you must know the camera is completely unuseful. Not only for phonescoping, it’s not possible to take a decent picture with such a shit. I’m doubting about posting yesterday pictures… no, definetely I would not.

Today, when the sun was near to appear, I was already at the pond. After 2 hours seeing the crake and taking pictures, I still miss the bluethroat. It doesn’t care, I only have to find another one.

Other interesting birds from today and yesterday at Tejina were a male subalpine warbler, a massive arrival of willow warblers, swallows and swifts (mainly plain swift, with some common and a pallid between them), the purple heron that is still around and 3 different snipes. More tomorrow.




3 responses

15 03 2012
Antonio Acedo

Gran jornada la que tuviste por las charcas del norte.Hoy casi coincidimos pues estuve al mediodia y por la tarde casi noche fotografiando a la polluela.
Tendré que volver a ver si pillo el pechiazul,jeje.

15 03 2012
Marcel Gil Velasco

mañana volveré a ver paseriformes, que la cosa estaba animadilla! si te pasas, nos vemos. Un saludo y gracias por comentar!

15 03 2012
Antonio Acedo

Desgraciadamente hasta la semana próxima no podré volver por la zona…. 😦
Pero seguro q coincidiremos pronto en el campo.Mucha suerte mañana y enhorabuena por el blog,estás haciendo un trabajo magnífico.

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