La Gomera power!

11 04 2012

Nothing in nature could be studied in isolation. All phenomena is connected”

– Alexander von Humboldt

There are a few places in the world that impact you more than la Gomera. When you cross the tunel in the way to Hermigua, you enter into a big being composed by milions of trees, bushes, birds and insects. Everything is connected and shares the same history, present and destiny. The branches of the laurels have their own trunk, but the same branches and roots.

In the middle of that mess, birds (and specially pigeons) have found a perfect place to breed. When you look from el Rejo, you can see them singing, eating, taking care of its plumage, don’t worried about your presence at all. The former name of the island was Junonia, does it remind you about something? Yeah, the latin name of Laurel pigeon. They are at home and you suddenly get aware of that. The day you spend at la Gomera, you become a part of that and then, late in the afternoon, it’s hard to leave the island. Fortunately, the perspective of seeing interesting seabirds from the ferry between la Gomera and Tenerife makes the goodbye a bit less sad.

Laguna Grande offers to the visitors the possibility of seeing the commonest species of the island at a close range. Chaffinch (what a beautyful subspecies!), Tenerife goldcrest, Canary serin, Robin, Blackbird, Tenerife blue tit, Canary Islands chiffchaff and even the enigmatic Woodcock. They all feed on the bread let by tourists. The only problem is that most of them are ringed…

In my next visit I hope I would know more about plants and invertebrates and enjoy even more the treasures hidden in the rainforest. For the moment, the flowered Pericallis steetzii settled the road sides.




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11 04 2012

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