Punta Hidalgo under the rain

19 04 2012

“We’ll invite the neighbours in
And seagulls by the score”

– I want to marry a lighthouse keeper, Erika Eigen

I go to Punta Hidalgo mainly because it’s a good point for seawatching, but sometimes it’s worth to look also at the waders, specially during low tides. Most of them seems not to be worried about human presence and that brings you the chance to get good views. You can study the moult, try to age them, heard them calling, taking care of their plumages, feeding and even mating.

Last week, there were at least 5 grey plovers, 12 whrimbrels and more than 20 turnstones. Some ringed plovers had also arrived and they were feeding together with the ubiquitous common sandpipers. The place was not crowded as usually, maybe because it was raining. The light was special and the waders looked even more attractive than usual. I looked at them as I look at most of the birds of the island: integrated in their habitats, interacting with each other and with the rest of the environment, specially with the ocean.

When you do so, the next step is to raise your head and look at the mountains. This picture shows the obvious link between both habitats, extremely noticeable in that moment.




One response

11 02 2015
Patricia González

Hello, I don’t know if you are still using this blog, I just write to tell you that that picture of the mountains of Punta del Hidalgo is breathtaking. I am from Tenerife and live abroad, and in my homesickness I searched for pics and yours reached me to the heart: it is the dark and wild north, the ocean and the montains to admire and to fear, nothing to do with the beaches to get tanned. Greetings, Patricia.

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