Rest in peace

19 05 2012

“Evil. I am cast upon a horrible desolate Island, void of all hope of Recovery. Good. But I am alive, and not drown’d as all my Ship’d Company was.”

– Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe

During the heat wave, I looked across the window and thought I must go out. Some African birds must be there… Of course the best option would be to check a desertic place, potentially good for larks and wheatears, but most of that habitats are in the fur south. My experience told me the importance of reacting the sooner the better when the wheather forecast predicts something good for birds, so I decided to visit the Tejina ponds again.

The first I noticed was a complete emptyness of birds. Most of them were hidden in the reedbeds, some others just rested like the stones, but it was quite obvious that there was nothing new. My surprise was to see the same 2 sedge warblers in the same place as a month and a half ago. They were doing the same. Eating, calling, nothing else. They didn’t show more breeding activity, they neither sung nor defended territory. Nothing, they just were there, but for more than a month.

The following day, I decided to go south. 6 days with the correct southeasternly winds, as dry as the Sahara itself. There must be something interesting, the oposite couldn’t be possible. I reached el Médano scrubland after 3 hours of bus, including some boring waits just by the highroad. If the justice had existed, I would have found at least a couple of Spoon-billed sandpipers mating. However, the only bird present in the area (except for some Berthelot’s pipits and great grey shrikes) was a curlew sandpiper. I’m sure it’s the same which is still present for a month. I enjoyed it since it was already in partial summer plumage, but then… I took a bath. It was not the best I could do but the only I could do. It was hot and I was in a beach.

Birds here are like shipwreckeds. They are not in the correct place, most of them would not succeed in breeding this year but, surprisingly, they seem to be grateful to stay alive and they reward the island with their presence for a long time.




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19 02 2016

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will help, so here it takes place.

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