Counting down the days

13 09 2012

“It’s like finding a needle in a stack of needles”

– Captain Miller, Saving Private Ryan

My last week in Barcelona, again. In 7 days I will be on a research vessel, counting birds and whales in the wonderful Galicia coast. Time goes by so slowly (thanks Madonna), even I am birding at Llobregat Delta most of days. The water level in Viladecans area (both Filipinas marshes and Reguerons) is nice for waders and there is a good diversity of them. 2 Temminck’s stints together with a Pectoral sandpiper are the highlights, but it’s worth to say there are also many Little stints, a Curlew sandpiper, some Dunlins, Snipes and lots of Wood sandpipers. I don’t know where are the redshanks…

The ducks are just arriving right now. There are good numbers of Shovelers (for the moment, most of them males) and Teals, but still missing the Wigeons and the Pintails. The best is a juvenile Garganey, a species always interesting in autumn.

In the surrounding area (composed by fields and orchards) there have been sightings of Citrine wagtail and Dotterel, but I’ve not been able to find any of them. However, on Sunday, it seemed it was a good sedimentation of passerines, specially Whinchats and wagtails. The Mediterranean gulls where feeding on the crops.

I am leaving on 19th. I don’t think I would find a big surprise before, but let’s try it!




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