Carried by the water

2 11 2012

“If you think it’s going to rain, it will”

– Clint Eastwood

In my last 2 days at El Hierro, I found my 2nd Spotted sandpiper of the week, but I felt I needed something new. I had seen only one of that (sometimes not) Spotted beauties before that fall but I still had a lot of Nearctic waders to see so I saw the 2nd individual as a lost chance to had found something different.

The news about Sandy coming from the States made me presage some arrivals so I stepped up my efforts checking the ponds. Beneharo, a friend of mine, had found a lesser yellowlegs in southern Tenerife but, when I came late in the afternoon, the bird was not there. Beneharo came the day after, early in the morning, and it was not there too. So… if I wanted to see something interesting, I would had to find it by myself. Anyway, the wind was the right one, it was rainy and foggy and maybe it has been that weather together with the dates what have been encouraging me to go out most of days.

Today, I had planned to check most of southern ponds and shores together with Jacobo and Sara. The day started with the typical stuff: Ringed plovers, whimbrels, turnstones… but 2 dunlins and a sanderling made me dream. The beach was plenty of things carried by the water. Sea-shells, algae and even quite a lot of that nice myctophid, probably Diaphus dumerilii (thank you Rupert!).

In Las Galletas harbor, I was able to take the best pictures in history of the shy Barolo’s shearwater (Pardela chica in Spanish). Must be the best name for a research vessel!
Moreover, the color of the rocks at el Médano beach was specially stunning with a clouded sky and a storm coming from the southwest. This picture (taken by Sara) demonstrates that fact.
When I reached the place where the yellowlegs was, I was sure there must be something. The first bird I’ve seen has been a redshank, for sure the same I had seen the last day I had been there, looking for the yellowlegs. However, today the redshank had its yellow-legged partner and a White-rumped sandpiper had joined the party. It’s hard to see two species of American wader together in that side of the Atlantic and that image made me think about Ponta Delgada, in the Azores. It must be something like this, mustn’t it?

Still 3 days to go…




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