Silky birds

13 03 2013

“My mother was right: when you’ve got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust.”

– Jane Birkin

To see a flock of Bohemian waxwings for the first time is something that happens only once a life and I’m sure most of birders, even from the north, would remind it. Yesterday afternoon, Ulrik and me went for a ride to the north of the Peninsula, a place I had not visited yet. While riding throw the main road that links Falsterbo and Skanör, we heard that magic high-pitched call coming from a garden just by the road. There were 6 restless birds going incessantly from a tree to the ground, where the owners of the garden had kindly let some apples. The Catalan name for waxwing is “silky bird” and I am in doubt about which material describes better its plumage, since it looks shining as wax but soft as silk. If they are still around this afternoon, we will try to ring them, so I will be able to judge the touch and probably choose one of the names as my favorite.

Bombycilla garrulus

Bombycilla garrulus2

The fields in the northern half of the Peninsula looked so exciting, but actually there was nothing but linnets, skylarks, jackdaws and crows, with some rooks among them. The pools and the bays are still frozen, so most of the wildfowl is sat on the ice or just flying from one place to another, looking for a better place to stay. The views of flocks of ducks flying over the frozen water are stunning, but I would had preferred some twites feeding on the thistles. Those fields looked also good for geese, but the only species we got (apart from greylag) was Canada goose, which, as Ulrik said, “it’s not interesting for anybody”. Promisingly, the weather is supposed to get better during the following days, so I hope not to stay too much at home.

Cygnus olor

Tadorna tadorna




2 responses

13 03 2013
Helena Navalpotro (@hlenalena)

precioses les fotos del waxwings!!

14 03 2013
Marcel Gil Velasco

Gràcies Helena! Com sempre, ets l’alegria d’aquest blog 🙂

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