Extra ringing

19 03 2013

“Will not rush it, will enjoy it
Will not touch it, will rejoice it”

– Early Bird, The Frames

After two boring days doing almost nothing, today it was ringing time! Our fingers missed the touch of the feathers and, even the snow covered the whole peninsula, we went to P-G’s garden, set a couple of nets and wait for not more than two minutes till the firsts tits started to fall into the bags. There were many thrushes, tits and finches around, but no sign of the waxwings present the day before yesterday. We finally ringed up to twenty birds, including 3 fieldfares, a nuthatch and a nice hawfinch.

Turdus pilaris

The nuthatch was not a pure white individual, but still pale enough to be considered a northern one.


The hawfinch was a nice adult male, although its iris color pointed more to a 2nd cal. year. The shape of the white in primary basis seems the most reliable character. We hope to catch more of them since now we know where to look at.

Coccothraustes coccothraustes

Moreover, today I’ve learned that fieldfares have the same moult strategy than the rest of the thrushes. Not so interesting in terms of science, but impressive birds anyway. It was good to catch and adult as well to check the differences. The picture below shows one of the 2nd cal. years with 5 retained juvenile GCs.





One response

19 03 2013
Helena Navalpotro (@hlenalena)

Nice Fieldfare! 🙂
Here in Cornwall, UK, I’m seeing everyday many Redwings closer than ever! Love those too!

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