Winter is not going

23 03 2013

“In the infinite white. Snow. Lilly Sand. Saline.”

Three Portraits with shadow, Juan Ramón Jiménez

It’s already official. This is the longest and coldest winter since 1988. The promising and incipient signs of spring we detected last week have disappeared and now it’s time to see again the already ringed great tits, the already ringed blue tits, the already ringed greenfinches and the already ringed (although only a week ago) siskins. The snow has just started to melt, but it needed our help and we were forced to clean the net’ sites. Multiply 200 meters of mistnet * 2 meters wide * 0.5 meters height and you would obtain the amount of snow (in cubical meters) that we moved today morning.  Difficult times for ringing. Shovel in hand, coffee still in the throat, ready to do that dirty job.

The previous days had not been better. Some more ringing at P-G’s garden, what produced some more fieldfares and 2 waxwings. To make things more confusing, the first individual of a species that you handle uses to be an adult. Waxwing was not an exception, but fortunately the aging seems to be easy. Note the white trailing edge in the primaries, typical of an adult. The not long enough fantasy red drop in the tip of the secondaries points to a female, together with the short crest and white instead of yellow in the white of the primary tips. However, sexing them seems not to be as easy. The 2nd cal. year we caught had a long crest, but the other features matched more with a female. The crest is indicative but not diagnostic, so we sexed it as a female. Still quite a lot of things to learn…

Falsterbo 070

ala bomby

In the way back home, a nice walk across the snowed forest. I took this picture that reminds me the front cover of The Best of Joy Division. You can judge for yourselves.

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2 responses

24 03 2013
Helena Navalpotro (@hlenalena)

i és tan sedós com aparenta? 🙂

24 03 2013
Marcel Gil Velasco

Sí! molt més silk que wax!

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