Out of the blue

18 04 2013

“It’s a strange paradise, you’ll be waiting.”

– Irene, Beach House

What a strange spring… The peak of short-distance migrants has coincide with the first wave of trans-saharians and the sum of both puts up the number of captures. It seems everyday is a good day, no matter the weather, with new arrivals in both the nets and out in the field. Actually, the weather does matter, but scattered showers combined with persistent fog in the last few days led us to the current bonanza. The day before yesterday was one of those days when you feel the more time you are birding, the more species you’d find. A huge arrival of robins, willow warblers and the firsts captures of both pied flycatcher and common redstart early in the morning was a prelude of what was going on. Just after the ringing, I went north, checking the harbor, the little woods by the sea and finally reaching the northern point of Knösen.

The female velvet scoter was still present in the harbor, together with a nice red-necked grebe that offered very good views. Some eiders, goldeneyes, red-breasted mergansers and that was it, but loads of robins and a few black redstarts were foraging around the picnic area. In the little pine forest north of the harbor, my firsts tree pipit and wryneck. Also at least 2 firecrest. I had been told that firecrest was a scarce species up there, but that day I managed to see more than 15. This nice female was in the lighthouse garden, where we’ve ringed 12 firecrest so far, just 2 below the season record.

Regulus ignicapilla

In the way to Knösen, I saw a female common stonechat, maybe the most interesting sighting of the day. This species is nowadays rare in Sweden, with only a few pairs breeding in a couple of places. A monitoring program which includes tagging with color-rings is carried here in Falsterbo and hopefully would have a positive effect in habitat management. Together with the stonechat, my firsts northern wheatears.

saxicola rubicola

Oenanthe oenanthe

After having checked some exciting forests without any news, I finally managed to see 3 ring ouzels, 2 of them together in the “moorhen’ place”, also known as Skanörs kyrka. My first common moorhen was honestly just a bonus. In the way back home, I stopped to check Flommen, were there are already hundreds of redshanks and pied avocets. Among them, a greenshank and 3 stunning nuptial spotted redshanks.

Today was a complete unknown. It was raining hard at 3.30 in the morning (yeah, just 15 minutes before wake up time) but the feeling of a bad day was in the air when putting up the mistnets. Nothing further from the truth! The robins kept the number of captures at a respectable levels until a rage of willow warblers shot it up. Some common redstarts and a wood warbler colored the morning, while the firsts 2 lesser whitethroats (adults, of course) were the most interesting species from a southwestern point of view.

Sylvia curruca

Thursday means resting bird counts, so I came back to Knösen. The wind has increased and therefore it was not so pleasant to cycle along the coast. However, the migrants were also present; specially willow warblers, but also northern wheatears, the first whinchat and a nice flock of 4 ring ouzels that showed much better this time. In the way back home, a male pied flycatcher made me think about a future collared. Just in a week!

Turdus torquatus

Ficedula hypoleuca




2 responses

18 04 2013
Helena Navalpotro (@hlenalena)

Al·lucinant com sempre! quina envejeta… hehe!
Una pregunteta, els noms dels pajarus en anglès no s’han d’escriure en majúscula? 🙂 estaria bé, ja que de vegades no sé segur si és un ocell (segons quin encara no me’l sé en anglès)


19 04 2013
Marcel Gil Velasco

En els documents oficials, tipo papers o informes, els noms han d’anar en majúscules, però no en les coses informals com un blog d’aquest tipus. La idea és que no es confonguin, per exemple, Green warbler amb un warbler que és green, que suposo que és al que et refereixes.

De totes formes, potser segueixo el teu consell, encara que sigui per premiar la teva fidelitat com a lectora 🙂

una abrasada!

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