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29 05 2013

“The Tortilla Española, in the English language is referred to as Tortilla, Spanish Omelette or Spanish Tortilla; not to be confused with the Mexican maize tortilla.”

– Spanish omelette, Wikipedia.

Same time last year I got Spanish sparrows breeding in the park just by home at La Laguna, Canary Islands, but it’s interesting to see how the excitement produced by finding a bird depends on how rare it is. This year, instead, I am living several thousand kilometers north of my missed archipelago and here the Spanish sparrow is rare, very rare. Therefore, a bird coming from the sea shouldn’t be one, but it was. You can even smell the overall happiness in this video that Björn recorded while I was showing the bird. It would remain forever in Falsterbo’s history (thanks Youtube ¬¬) as well as the photo that Stephen did take showing the bird with the lighthouse behind. By the way, quite impressed about the number of twitchers that came to see the sparrow, keeping in mind it was a Monday morning. What would had happened the day before?

Seemingly, following what did occur with the Finish Fox sparrow, it’s the same bird seen at Småland a few days ago (in what was the first record for Sweden) but when I found it I was sure it may be the second record for the country. Why? Because passerines in Spain are not usually re-found, especially when the new place is almost 200 km south of the original. We live in a strange world…

Spanish sparrow

Fortunately, this was not the best bird of the day for me. In the last net-round of the morning and in the bottom shelf of a mistnet, a Greenish warbler was waiting to be ringed. Yes, in the bottom shelf. As well as the 2 rosefinches we’ve ringed so far. Again, we live in a strange world…

Phylloscopus trochiloides




2 responses

29 05 2013

Great pics but also you could speak of truita catalana or pardal de passa 😉
I hope you’re enjoying this adventure and see you soon.
In your face, Jawai.

29 05 2013
Marcel Gil Velasco

I promise I told them! But it’s hard to make everybody aware of this cause when the topic of the day is “the Spanish guy with the Spanish sparrow”. Don’t worry, people in Skåne is able to understand… 😉

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