Riders on the storm

13 08 2013

“Cause it’s getting kind of quiet in my city’s head
Takes a teen age riot to get me out of bed right now.”

– Teenage riot, Sonic Youth

The catch has been really low in the last days, with just a few warblers of the three usual species. The weather has not helped the ringing and both the strong winds and the sudden showers (sometimes in the shape of thunderstorms) have turned the ringing into a high-risk activity. Even the tireless Southwest gangsters are showing some signs of fatigue… However, there are still some good points: the mosquitoes are blown with the wind and the temperatures are not as hot as last week.

lazy gangsters

Cycling (and therefore birding) is not pleasant and you’d better keep an eye into the sky if you don’t want to get wet: there are no raptors to spot, but it’s worth to keep track of the threatening dark clouds. Some of these summer storms are, nonetheless, beautiful.



Without passerines in the bushes, we’ve been looking for waders in the mudflats and the lagoons. A very nice juvenile White-winged tern foraging at Nabben among some Black terns, a Marsh sandpiper at Revlana and quite a few Broad-billed sandpipers seen in different places within the Peninsula have been the best of the last week.






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